Why should you get a Medical Cannabis Card?

med cannabis card why you should get it

Why should you get a Medical Marijuana card?

If you’re in a recreational state, I’ll give you six good reasons. 

1. You’re going to save money. States often waive the excise tax and the sales tax for people in medical programs in many states, the savings can really add up. 

2. There’s  also different possession limits and opportunities for cultivation with card carriers that are not available for recreational users. 

3.There is state-to-state reciprocity. What that means is that if you’re traveling to another state to visit your family for an important holiday, you can often times use your card in a different state to get your medical products without having to go through the additional expense of getting another card and here’s some additional states that offer reciprocity. 

4. Don’t forget about the legal ramifications.  Medical treatment recommended by physician protects you from criminal laws that would otherwise prohibit possession or cultivation. Having a med card can only help when you become legally implicated because of cannabis use. When you  have a med card, you’re backed by a licensed physician, and you have that physicians stamp of approval that supports the therapeutic benefits of treatment for you that  can only help when your state has limitations regarding possession, cultivation and purchases. 

5.  If you’re under 21 with the diagnosis of epilepsy or cancer, these cards can be provided so that you can get treated to help to alleviate your symptoms, as young as the age of 18. 

6. Even into pediatric populations, depending on the diagnosis and the severity of symptoms, cards can be issued with the support of the treating pediatrician. 

Medical cards are  to do and there’s no reason for anybody to charge you a bucket of money in order to complete one unless they have to support a brick and mortar or there’s some other extenuating circumstances.  Between the cost savings, the legal protection and access to excellent medication, why wouldn’t you get your card today. What’s  stopping you?

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