Have you seen the Done For You program?

Check out the details below and we will make life as easy as possible to receive your medical marijuana card.


Are you too busy to deal with the state website? Or not interested in working with your computer to upload and download the necessary documents to register your card with the Department of Health?  

80% of our patients are perfectly happy to save their money and register themselves with the state, but 20% are too busy or just don’t like to work with computers.  

The process of working with the state websites can be tedious and time consuming.

If you’re one of the 20%, have it Done For You.  You’ll get personalized attention from one of our cannabis coaches trained specifically in the details of registration in your state. They’ll help you get registered on the patient website after our healthcare providers have completed your certification and you’re ready for the final step to getting your medical card. The Done For You Program is available for an additional $49 charge paid just like you are buying a medical card, but you choose the Done For You tab  when you start. 

After Payment one of our experts will be in touch to walk you through and finalize everything you need to receive your medical card.