Delaware Medical Marijuana Card

Delaware med card

For over a 10 years now, after the passage of the Delaware Medical Marijuana Act (2011), Residents of the Diamond State have had access to medical cannabis cards. Do you know how to get your medical marijuana card?

If you’re living with a medical condition that can be treated by medical cannabis, you’re probably here to learn where to get a medical cannabis card in Delaware. And that’s why SwiftieMed is here to help share how it is possible. .

This blog lays out the series of steps for how to get your medical cannabis card as a resident of Delaware.

What is Legal in Delaware?

Before we jump into the details of getting your medical cannabis card, first—let’s talk about what’s legal and what’s not at the state level in Delaware after the passage of the Medical Marijuana Act. 

 Medical Marijuana is available and legal only  for Delawareans who have a valid medical cannabis card issued by the Delaware Office of Medical Marijuana (OMM). With your medical marijuana ID card, you may purchase a limited amount of cannabis from a state-licensed dispensary. Growing at home (home grow) is not permitted in Delaware.

 Adult use, or recreational marijuana, is not legal in Delaware. That means that if you want to use marijuana for medical symptom relief in your private home (public consumption is not allowed), you’ll need to follow the process listed below in order to get legal approval for use.

Do I Qualify for a Medical Cannabis Card in Delaware?

Before starting the process to get your medical cannabis card in Delaware, you’ll want to verify that you have a one or more qualifying medical conditions. The following debilitating medical conditions qualify:

  • Post Traumatic Stress Disorder
  • Cancer
  • Glaucoma
  • HIV or AIDS
  • ALS
  • Alzheimer’s disease with aggression
  • Wasting syndrome
  • Severe and chronic pain of any Source
  • Severe nausea
  • Seizures
  • Severe and Chronic Muscle spasms
  • Chronic Migraine
  • Decompensated Cirrhosis
  • Terminal Illness
  • Autism with aggression

 If your condition isn’t listed above, please keep in mind that Delaware citizens can petition for additional debilitating medical conditions  to the Office of Medical Marijuana (OMM) to be added to the list above.

If your medical condition is already on the approved list of qualifying medical symptoms, continue reading below to learn the next steps to get your card for medical cannabis in Delaware.

Getting Your Medical Cannabis Card in Delaware

The process to get a medical card for cannabis is simple in Delaware. Here’s an overview of the process to get started.

  1. Physician’s (Healthcare Provider) Certification
  2. Completed Medical Cannabis Card Application
  3. Payment

Step #1: Physician’s Certification

Seeing your doctor (healthcare provider) is the first step to getting your medical cannabis card in Delaware. Before you schedule your appointment, we recommend that you should begin the portal registration process with the Delaware Health and Social Services OMM division.

Start here before your doctor’s appointment to register and get the physician certification form.

During your physician consultation, your doctor will complete the healthcare provider portion of the physician certification form (you will need to provide this form to the doctor). This certifies the physician’s recommendation of medical marijuana as a treatment for your medical condition. Then, the state of Delaware will approve your application if appropriate.

Delaware OMM may request an in-person doctor’s visit with your bona fide doctor for this certification.

You will receive  the signed certification form at your appointment.  You will need to submit your certification form with your medical cannabis card application to the OMM. You’ll need to complete the application process within 90 days.

Step #2: Medical Cannabis Card Application

With your signed physician’s certification, you can finish uploading documents and submit your application online with the Delaware Medical Marijuana Program portal. Alternatively, you can print a paper application to mail in. The state has 45 days to respond to your application, but usually responds within a week. 

New participants can access the portal here to begin the process. When you’re ready to renew your card, you can access the portal here.

Step #3: Paying for Your Medical Cannabis Card

Paying for your medical cannabis card is a two-step process in Delaware. First, you’ll need to pay your doctor for the physician certification for the consultation. This payment is made directly to your provider. SwiftieMed charges $77 for this type of appointment.

The second step is to pay for your medical cannabis card by paying the registration fees to the state at the time when you submit your application. The current registration fee for Delawareans is $50 (qualifying low income patients are charged just $25) That puts your total cost  per year at around $127 since your medical cannabis ID card is only valid for one year in Delaware.

Take the First Step

Medical cannabis card in the Diamond State, SwiftieMed can help. First, you’ll need to establish a bona fide patient-doctor relationship, by making an appointment with one of our healthcare providers. Then, you can begin the process to get your medical cannabis card. 

Cardholders get special possession limits compared to recreational users. 

Medical 6oz

Recreational 3oz

State Taxes are waived for cardholders also

State Taxes 

Medical patients 0%

Recreational users 15%

Higher Possession Limits + no taxes =  BIG SAVINGS

Top-Rated Tourist Attractions in Delaware

Reheboth and Delaware Beaches

Stretching much of the length of the state’s 28 miles of Atlantic coastline are beautiful and playful Delaware’s white-sand beaches. If you’re looking for a beach close to Washington, D.C. or Annapolis, MD these are within a reasonable drive and easy to access when you get there.

Rehoboth Beach is consistently listed among the best vacation spots on the East Coast thanks to its laid-back atmosphere, affordability, boutiques, tasty restaurants, and wide stretches of white sand. It’s also home to some of Delaware’s best resorts, which makes it ideal for a weekend getaway with family or just with your special someone.

One of the most continuously popular attractions at Rehoboth Beach is Funland, a local institution ever since 1962. This amusement park is perfect for families with its rides of varying scariness, suitable for children of all ages, and a midway with games and prizes.

To the south is the action-packed Dewey Beach, then the Delaware Seashore State Park (with water access on the ocean side and the bay side of a long barrier island), then the more family-friendly Bethany Beach and Fenwick Island. North of Rehoboth is Cape Henlopen State Park and the charmingly old-fashioned Lewes.

Nemours Estate in Wilmington, built in the 1900s, was a gift from Alfred du Pont (the chemical fortune)  to his wife Alicia. This beautiful 77-room home (little countryside estate!)  is complemented by equally impressive gardens, the largest formal French gardens in North America.

Nemours Estate is one of Wilmington’s top tourist attractions, offering almost nearly 200 acres of lawns, meadows, and woodlands to explore on foot or by car in some areas. Follow the Long Walk to the Reflecting Pool, where you will see intermittent jets of water shooting into the air. The Chauffeur’s Garage is ample, and holds a beautiful collection of vintage automobiles. The stunning conservatory is a must-see, with its ornate walls, parquet floors, and giant windows, of course with beautiful plants throughout.

Address: 1600 Rockland Road, Wilmington, Delaware

Air Mobility Command Museum, Dover

Aviation buffs will enjoy a visit to the Air Mobility Command Museum to view its fine collection of vintage aircraft and aircraft accessories.

The collection contains over 30 retired military craft and includes early biplanes, along with World War II legends like the B-17 Flying Fortress, helicopters, and even an F-101 Voodoo fighter jet. For many of the planes, you can climb the stairs and explore inside the plane to get a feel for what the planes are truly like both inside and out.

Wander the hangar and the lot out front to see the artifacts that reflect airlifting, air refueling, and the history of the Dover Air Force Base. Exhibits include an in-depth look at how a control tower works, as well as insights into airlift operations during the Vietnam and Korean wars.

Address: 1301 Heritage Road, Dover, Delaware

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